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5 Top Reasons

5 Top Reasons to Select Us

With the tools available today and the new communication channels, everyone seems to be an instant specialist at offering fully-automated translation and localization services… 

But it takes more than a few tools and nice presentations to successfully complete a project. The success of a translation project often relies on an experienced team with true expertise and fully dedicated to the customer’s needs. 

Here are the five top reasons why our clients keep trusting us:

A Dedicated Team of Specialists

Our team is committed to making your translation project a success. We go the extra mile to ensure that all the details have been addressed. During the course of the project, we act as an extension of your internal resources… we are your dedicated localization team.

A Transparent Workflow

We work with the same software as your technical writers, your graphic designers and your developers, providing absolute transparency to your internal workflow. During the project, our team manages all the technical and linguistic issues to make certain that the translated material will perform the way it was intended.

Direct Handling of Almost Any File Format

No matter which file format you use (Microsoft Office, PDF, HTML, XML, CMS, Flash, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Quark XPpress, software source files, binary DLLs, and more!), we will deliver them in their original format, perfectly formatted, and ready to use!

Optimized Procedures for Controlled Costs

Above and beyond the generalized use of translation memories and various CAT tools, we have developed a series of optimization procedures aiming to reduce costs and turn around times, while assuring the optimal quality of our work.

One-Stop Solution

From extracting and localizing the user interface and on-line components, to translating and formatting your printed manuals and all of your marketing documents, we’ll take care of it all, including project management for all of your selected languages


Of course, we work exclusively with qualified professional translators who have been rigorously selected and only translate into their native language. All of our translations are edited by a second independent translator and verified internally before final delivery.