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Project Management

Project Management

Most localization projects are scheduled at the end of the product development cycle, when your full attention is required to prepare the product’s release to market.

Kevrenn International will help you plan and manage all steps required for a successful localization project.


Localization should not be improvised!
It requires a vital preliminary study that will prevent costly corrections at the end of the project. 

Our team has managed localization projects for over 16 years. We have the necessary experience to detect and anticipate difficulties that may arise.

Evolving procedures

Localization techniques must adapt to the rapid evolution of development tools. Our in depth knowledge of localization procedures allows us to propose innovative solutions in order to meet your objectives, while respecting our commitments to deadlines and costs.


We provide you with a detailed schedule in addition to a description of all services that will be delivered. During each phase of the project, we keep you informed of our progress with multiple status reports.

Follow up

The project is not fully complete when the localized product is delivered… A post-project meeting allows us to review all stages of the project and to analyze all sensitive issues. Understanding experienced difficulties and reviewing their solutions is useful to prepare future releases.