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Computer-Assisted Translation Tools

Being involved in localization and the translation of technical documents since its inception, Kevrenn has been using Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools from the late 90’s. At the time, the selection of tools was limited. 

Today, it is just unthinkable to attempt any serious technical translations without using specialized tools. Every provider of language services must use them.

In particular, CAT tools are used for:

  • Reducing the costs
  • Improving the speed and productivity
  • Improving consistency
  • Controling the terminology
  • Protecting the data integrity
  • Managing the translation workflow
  • Providing an intuitive environment to the translator
  • And… many, many other reasons.

Our Preferred Tools

There are several specialized systems available on the market. Over the years, we tested and used many translation tools and language platforms to process various types of documents and media. 

We also developed a collection of in-house utilities to help us organize, manage, and re-use our translations efficiently

Our team is experienced in using various CAT tools. But, for most of our projects, there is a clear winner that provides advanced features in a comprehensive environment. For us, the king of the CATs is clearly memoQ!

We have been relying on memoQ technology for over 6 years to process our translations and developed custom-made solutions. We are members of the Kilgray Growing Together partnership, devoted to promoting and enhancing memoQ technology. 

All our processes are compatible with the other standard translation platforms and we can regularly exchange data with partners using other systems.