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Meet our Team

Meet our Team

Kevrenn International is a flexible, human-size organization. Our key strength comes from the experience, reactivity and enthusiasm of our team. 

Supported by an extensive network of international professionals, our team is available and ready to handle all your translation projects. 

Here’s a look at the faces that make up Kevrenn International.

linkedinJean-Marie Guyot: General Manager

Jean-Marie GuyotCo-founder of Kevrenn International, Jean-Marie is a “jack of all trades”, with 25 years of experience in technical translation, internationalization, and language management. 

Prior to creating Kevrenn International, Jean-Marie spent 10 years in Silicon Valley where he founded HighTech Passport a software localization agency. He managed the company as president and CEO from 1992 through 1997. 

Jean-Marie is proficient in multiple domains, including translation memories, software engineering, and localization. On top of his managerial tasks, he is in charge of projects requiring particular technical attention.

linkedinPatricia Guyot: Operation Manager

Patricia GuyotCo-founder of Kevrenn International, Patricia received a Bachelors of Science degree in mathematics and computer science from Santa Clara University, California, in 1985. After several years as the network administrator at EIP Microwaves, an electronics company in Silicon Valley, she joined HighTech Passport in San Jose, to manage localization projects. 

Patricia is Operations Manager and oversees all production at Kevrenn International. She is also in charge of accounting and administration.

linkedinKerstin Felte: Project Manager and German Translator

Kerstin FelteOur lead German translator, Kerstin graduated from the Université de Haute Bretagne Rennes II in 1995. She joined Kevrenn International in 2002. 

With over 15 years of technical translating, localization and project management experience, Kerstin coordinates multilingual projects and assures the final proofing of all German translations. 

Kerstin also teaches part-time at the Université de Rennes II. 

linkedinSébastien Wisniewski: Project Manager and French Translator

Sébastien WisniewskiSébastien graduated in Applied Foreign Languages from the Université de Clermont-Ferrand and started his career as a translator with Berlitz International in Dublin, Ireland. Sébastien also spent several years as an independent translator and as project manager at CM Translations (Paris) before joining Kevrenn International in 2000.

Today, Sébastien supervises all translations and is our lead French translator. His responsibilities include translating and editing documents, validating terminology for all localization projects, selecting external resources, and supervising translation interns who work occasionally at Kevrenn.

Marianne Guyot: Publishing Manager

Marianne GuyotCo-founder of Kevrenn International, Marianne is in charge of desktop publishing and graphic design. Marianne spent several years at HighTech Passport in California as a desktop publishing and layout designer where she specialized in multilingual documents. 

Marianne is proficient with numerous publishing and graphics packages on both PC and Macintosh. She skillfully handles documents in all European languages and several Asian languages.

Pascal Brulé: Localization Engineer and Software Developer

Pascal BruléPascal is a software developer with extensive experience in multilingual web platforms. 

He joined Kevrenn International in 2010 where he manages the preparation and the post-treatment of complex documents to localize. 

Pascal also oversees the development of in-house software tools to optimize the integration of complex source documents into our translation and localization platforms. 

Backed by a Worldwide Network of Professional Partners

In order to provide you with only the highest quality translations, we maintain a selected network of  freelance translators and professional agencies, all over the world.

These strong partnerships enable us to provide the best solution for your project, in whichever languages you need.