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Software Localization

Localization (aka l10n) goes beyond the simple translation of the original source text. More than any other type of product, software must be perfectly adapted to the needs of the local target market, and present a familiar, intuitive interface for its users.

Our offer encompasses the complete localization procedure: initial project evaluation, extraction and translation of the user interface, translation and DTP of the printed and on-line documents, linguistic verification and functionality testing.

Kevrenn International delivers trouble-free localization.

We work directly on a copy of your product’s “source” files to return fully functional versions in your selected languages. The final product is delivered in its native format, translated, edited, tested, and ready for use!

We work exclusively with qualified professional translators who have been rigorously selected to translate into their native language in order to ensure proper understanding of the subtleties of their language.

Specialists in various domains, our translators possess in-depth knowledge acquired over several years of experience. They are all skilled with computer aided translation (CAT) tools and other translation utilities.

Our engineers and DTP specialists work with the same software as your technical writers, your graphic designers and your developers, providing absolute transparency to your internal workflow. Combining your tools with our powerful extraction utilities and computer aided translation solutions, Kevrenn International allows you to reduce the turn around and cost of translating, and to achieve higher consistency across all your product components.

For better efficiency, all our translations are systematically stored in a translation memory (TM), that combines the whole of your projects. When updating your products, the translation memory allows us to reduce the turn around and cost of translating, and guarantees higher consistency across all your projects.

During each step of your project, Kevrenn International applies rigorous technical procedures and no-nonsense project management to guarantee your deadlines, control the costs, and ensure the quality of your products.