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Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Quality translation of all your documents is a major competitive asset to successfully distribute and commercialize your products and services to new markets. The translation has to express the original meaning with the appropriate terminology and correct grammar, as well as follow local conventions…  

Because each country and each industry has specifics that are imperative to respect, Kevrenn International has developed a rigorous translation process.

Whether you need to translate a complete set of technical manuals, a product data sheet, a marketing brochure or a press release, Kevrenn International offers all the answers that you expect from a strategic business partner.

We work exclusively with qualified professional translators who have been rigorously selected to translate into their native language, ensuring proper understanding of the subtleties of their language.

Specialists in various domains, our translators possess in-depth knowledge acquired over several years of experience. They are all skilled with computer aided translation (CAT) tools and other translation utilities.

For better efficiency, all our translations are systematically stored in our memoQ server that includes all of your projects. When updating existing documents or translating similar documents, the translation memory allows us to reduce the turn around and cost of translating, and guarantees higher consistency across all your projects.

For all your translation needs in most European languages and the major Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese and Korean), Kevrenn International is your platform for going international.