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Testing and QA

Testing & Quality Assurance

Your product has already been localized… we can test it for you on the corresponding platform, confidentially, according to strict predefined procedure from your Quality department.

Using your own specifications, we design a test script, coordinate the software test in several languages, and even take charge of implementing the linguistic and technical corrections directly in your source files.

Interface Validation

The purpose of the interface validation test is to detect and correct all linguistic and user-interface-related problems in the localized application.

Using the application in its normal local environment, we verify the consistency and accuracy of the translation, as well as the general “look and feel” of the visual elements of the interface.

Our software localization projects always include an interface validation phase before delivery.

Functionality Testing

The multi-lingual functionality test is performed to detect problems introduced during the localization. This test uses the original QA procedures defined by your own Quality department and tailored to the localized environment of the target country.

All detected problems are reported in a detailed report, combining descriptions and commented screen shots, in order to present a comprehensive assessment of the problems that were encountered.

These tests can be done in our office or at your company.