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Web Site Translation

Web Site Translation

Thanks to their flexibility and great availability, Internet sites are the preferred platform for distributing information to a large number of people – and potential clients – wherever their physical location.

While most companies understand the benefits of total or partial translation of their site, they often hesitate to take the first step because of the costs involved in such a project. For all these companies, Kevrenn International has developed a transparent translation service.

Whether you wish to translate only a few select pages of an informal Web site, or the totality of a complex e-business platform, Kevrenn International provides you with rigorous technical procedures and no-nonsense project management to make sure that your message doesn’t get lost in translation and that your web site enhances your company’s successful image.

For better efficiency, all our translations are systematically stored in a translation memory (TM), that combines the whole of your projects. When updating your webs site, the translation memory allows us to reduce the turn around and cost of translating, and guarantees higher consistency between versions.

From the translation of web page texts, images, and multimedia content, to complete multilingual site testing, Kevrenn International offers a “ready to publish” solution to localizing your web sites.